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Here you'll get access to official City documents, as well as agendas and minutes from recent and archived City meetings.

Search instructions for City Documents:

Two types of searches can be performed from the "Documents" page: 1) Search by Document Text, and 2) Search by Document Type.

  1. Search by Document Text:
    Select the box or boxes of the document types listed. In the "Search Words" box, type in a specific word or phrases within the text of the document you are searching for. Click search.

  2. Search by Document Type:
    Choose the document type from the dropdown box. Type in specific index values. Click search.

Description of Documents:

  • Agenda is a list of items discussed at legislative meetings.

  • Minutes contain the same information as the agenda, but include a brief description of the action that was taken at the meeting. They include adopted resolutions and ordinances and assigned document numbers. Minutes are the official record of the meeting.

  • Ordinances* are laws of the municipality. Ordinances must be voted on at two separate Council meetings (first and second readings) and are not effective until 30 days after adoption. An ordinance is the most binding form of action taken by the City Council.

  • Resolutions* constitute a written action or decision and generally take effect upon adoption.

  • Staff reports include detailed information related to particular items on the agenda.

*Note: Ordinances and resolutions are subject to amendment, rescission or repeal, or readoption in whole or in part. Some ordinances and resolutions may not be currently in effect even though they appear in the Electronic Records Center. Additional research may be necessary to verify the completeness of the legislative history.

Date range of Document Types:

  • City Council Agendas: 1969 - Present
  • City Council Minutes: 1935 - Present
  • City Council Resolutions: 1933 - Present
  • City Council Staff Reports: 1999 - Present
  • City Council Ordinances: 1893 - Present
  • Public Financing Authority Resolution: 1994 - Present
  • Planning Commission Resolutions: 1968 - Present
  • Planning Commission Staff Reports: 1978 - Present
  • Engineering Improvement Plans: 1945 - Present
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